Catalysing DeFi: Introduction to Fusion and Fantom –

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Decentralized finance or DeFi, for short, has emerged over the last year, building significant momentum over the year as the Total Volume Locked in the sector has surpassed over $35 billion in comparison to $1 billion in February last year.

Newer platforms like Fusion and Fantom are evolving the DeFi sector with interoperable and scalable solutions such as liquid staking, cross-chain swapping, and more. Fusion’s DCRM technology and the Fantom foundation’s DAG-based smart contract platform are expected to grow the Defi sector tremendously.

Both the networks aim to allow users to execute sophisticated financial functions while solving the scalability and interoperability issues of existing blockchain solutions, making way for the Internet’s new age.

The Fusion Project

Founded in late 2017, the Fusion project proposed establishing a platform-level public chain where the tokens’ private keys on multiple blockchains can be securely moderated in a distributed fashion using its proprietary DCRM solution.

At the core of the Fusion project’s design is a distributed control rights management system (DCRM), smart contracts creation, and hierarchical hybrid consensus mechanisms (HHCM). The project’s strategy is meant to catalyze the emergence of the Internet of