Wisebitcoin Talks Customer Service in Crypto Exchanges – Finance Magnates

The blockchain and cryptocurrency space is infamous for its unwelcoming user experience. Despite the current bull run, most users who are just now delving into cryptocurrency applications, services, and exchanges are usually put off by the impersonal character of it all.

While this might be part of the decentralization ethos that characterizes the development of these technologies, most users do want someone to call.

Professional traders are not the exception to this rule. This is why a new decentralized crypto exchange is offering a drastic improvement in this regard.

Wisebitcoin is known for providing 24/7 support, among many other important features. The exchange has been garnering the attention of professional traders seeking a fast yet reliable trading experience. Finance Magnates sat down with Wisebitcoin’s Senior Adviser JW Cho to learn more.

Wisebitcoin’s Senior Adviser JW Cho

Mr. Cho, thank you for taking the time to sit down with us. We are witnessing an unprecedented bull run, what are your hopes for it?

I hope for the future development of the market. The number of unique crypto wallet addresses is growing and more than 34 million wallets are currently in use.

It appears that more traders are entering secondary markets than ever before and experienced traders will resort to leverage as a way to profit from volatility.

What kind of exchange is Wisebitcoin? Can