Why MXC Is Primed To Become The World’s Leading Crypto Exchange In Future – Coingape

The soar of MXC Exchange exchange token $MX has attracted the attention of Bloomberg recently. February 8, Bloomberg reported that based on spot, leverage, contract, ETF, index, contract, PoS, and OTC services, MXC Exchange, a reputable one-stop cryptocurrency service provider, will continue to grow and develop with the entire ecosystem. MX Token ($MX) reached an all-time high to $0.71.

According to the data of Crypto Departement on February 6, among the top five exchange tokens, MX was the one with the highest revenue that day, with a single-day increase of 62%.

In the following three days, MX hit a new all-time high of $0.8728, a cumulative increase of 551.34 year-to-date, the highest increase in history of 2028.78%.

MXC exchange
Source: mxc.com

As we all know, the growth of exchange tokens has benefited from the substantial increase in trading volume of trading platforms in the bull market. As of 11:00 on February 10th, Binance token BNB has increased 70.84% for three consecutive days, with a historical cumulative increase of 115680%; Huobi token HT has a three-day cumulative increase of 241.88%, and a historical cumulative increase of 1345.78%.

Industry analysts believe:

“Among the top trading platforms around the world, MXC Exchange had a great performance in terms of listings in 2020. It was the first exchange to list DeFi tokens, Polkadot tokens, NFTs and Layer 2 and hundreds of high-quality