Huobi Vice President Share Opinions on Understanding Why Cryptocurrency Exchanges Can Face Outages – AiThority

On September 17Ciara Sun, Vice President of Huobi Global Markets of Huobi Group shared an opinion article about her understandings of why cryptocurrency exchanges can face outage in response to the frequent exchange outages events happened to the recent market.

Ciara Sun, Vice President of Huobi Global Markets

At Huobi, we pride ourselves on keeping any trading unplanned and unscheduled outages to an absolute minimum and have not had a major unexpected break-in trading since we began operations. However, trading outages are something that happens to many traders across the crypto ecosystem and they are a bane as they often come at the worst times.

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Recent news has seen a number of big crypto exchanges being struck with outages at times where the price action of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are at a peak. Big price swings often lead to big trading volume and for some exchanges, this cannot be handled and an outage occurs.

This is a very basic understanding of why outages can happen, but we would like to educate further on other reasons that can cause outages in cryptocurrency exchanges. We know and understand these reasons because we work to stop them from happening even before they occur.

Outages usually come along with poor performance such as APP/API/WEB getting stuck, latency and even failure to place/cancel orders because there are too many requests from the traders to proceed for