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Huobi digital assets

Huobi is launching a digital asset management platform – with custody services for institutions. Huobi claims the platform matches qualified institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals with vetted quantitative trading teams within a managed, secure and reliable environment.

As the crypto market expands globally, we’re seeing growing demand for more nuanced trading products and services, especially from the institutional sector. These investors want access to high-quality quantitative investment platforms but up until recently the market has been highly fragmented,” said Ciara Sun, Vice President, Global Markets at Huobi Group. “By bringing both sides of the market together in one platform, we want to build the bridge between traditional financial markets and the digital asset economy.

The shift to digital

Ciara Sun, Vice President, Global Markets at Huobi
Ciara Sun, Vice President, Global Markets at Huobi

The launch of Huobi’s digital asset management solution confirms a continuing shift in the digital asset market. More institutions and traditional asset managers are turning to cryptocurrencies to create arbitrage and hedge macroeconomic risk.

Institutions want access to