Hangzhou International Blockchain Week 2020 Concluded | Collection of Guest Speakers’ Views – CryptoGlobe

July 5-6, Hangzhou International Blockchain Week 2020 has been successfully held at Future Sci-tech City, Hangzhou.

The event, with supports from state-backed blockchain alliance BSN and a lineup of leading blockchain organizations, brought together a dynamic mix of entrepreneurs, investors and medias of the blockchain industry as well as the fintech space to talk about blockchain and cryptocurrency in an effort to push the innovation and evolution of the ecosystem, covering topics of industrial blockchain, DeFi, stablecoins, exchange, Web3.0, IPFS, Ethereum 2.0.

Collection of guest speakers’ views from the two-day event is as follows:

About Industrial Blockchain

Mei Jiansheng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Future Sci-tech City, Hangzhou (Haichuang Park): We will solidly promote the integration of blockchain technology and industry, and regard the blockchain industry as an important future industry.

As an important field of digital, Future Sci-tech City is one of the earliest regions to embrace the blockchain industry. On April 9, 2018, we started the construction of “China Hangzhou blockchain industry”. So far, Future Sci-tech City has gathered a lot of blockchain enterprises

Zhu Jiaming, a famous Chinese economist: the new wave of industry has three new characteristics: hard science and technology, digitalization of industry and industrial blockchain.

That is to establish a new industrial infrastructure with blockchain as an important part, and finally integrate the industrial chain, value chain and supply chain.

Lin Yifei, vice president of Ant Financial: blockchain technology is not far away from the “singularity of the big bang”.

Ma Qianli, vice president of 8btc and head