Maturing Bitcoin Pleases Bulls With $50,000 Valuation From Institutional Allocation – Ethereum World News

Has all the fun gone out of trading bitcoin?

Maybe, but that could be a good thing, with one analyst predicting a $50,000 price for bitcoin as institutional investors begin to allocate.

In recent days bitcoin, by some measures, has become less volatile than stocks, although you would be foolish to expect that to continue.

And on a wider view the correlation with equities has been tightening – currently at around 0.48 with 1 being a measure of absolute correlation (see data below from

BTC v S&P 500 correlation

bitcoin SP500 correlation
90-day rolling BTC/SP500 correlation matrix. (source:
bitcoin btc SP500 correlation
SP500 v BTC correlation (rolling 90 days), 12 May 2016 – 17 June 2020. (source:

No more weekend blast-offs for bitcoin price?

Nevertheless, the days when you could go into the weekend with the happy expectation of seeing the bitcoin price pump 10-20% in a heart beat may be a thing of the past.

That being so, what does it tell us about the state of the