Kinesis Exchange Launches New User Interface & Chart Functionality – Ethereum World News

Kinesis today releases a new user interface for the Kinesis Exchange, bringing a smooth user experience and all-new responsive chart functionality to the trading platform.

Through the Kinesis Exchange, Kinesis offers traditional and cryptocurrency traders simple, low-cost access to allocated physical gold and silver bullion, with all storage fees covered.

In an industry first, Kinesis has integrated securely vaulted, allocated, physical bullion with blockchain technology to create digital currencies of enduring value. Kinesis gold and silver-based digital currencies bring instant, low-cost global transactions and immediate liquidity to precious metals investment and trading. Later this month, the launch of the Kinesis virtual debit card is set to provide the global community with a full end-to-end solution, transforming physical gold and silver and cryptocurrency into spendable currencies.

In commitment to providing a seamless and diverse trading experience, Kinesis has enhanced the layout, analytical functionality and expanded the available trading pairs on the Kinesis Exchange. The Kinesis Exchange provides a fluid user experience, increased accessibility and greater analytical control over the trading environment.

Kinesis has redesigned the Kinesis Exchange interface to deliver an intuitive trading experience. The streamlined design guides users from analysis through to trade execution on a single screen, allowing for seamless efficiency of trade. The professional interface features responsive TradingView charts, technical indicators and interactive drawing capabilities to equip users with all necessary tools to capitalise on fast-moving markets.

The enhancedsingle-screen layout presents convenient access to the order book, depth displays, order history and open charts, with the optional viewing preference of full-screen