Here Is Why BigONE’s New VIP System Can Make the Most Out of Your Everyday Trading | Press release – Bitcoin News

BigONE Exchange, one of the world’s safest crypto exchanges, has taken on a new sheen as it just launched a brand new VIP system that converts a user’s every engagement with the platform into his or her own benefits, be they discount on spot trading fees, reduction on leverage interests rates, or an increased referral bonus.

“We are letting users know their own engagements on the platform. We will provide users with better services according to these behavioral characteristics.” said Kevin Cheng, Chief Operations Officer at BigONE Exchange. “ For example, some users do not like trading, instead he or she likes to hoard coins. For this user, we may cater a decent wealth management product to him. But if a user likes trading a lot, we will make his or her trading experience better off with a decent trading fee discount.”

The VIP hierarchy follows five rankings, each corresponding to a specific BigONE Point range. For example, in order to achieve the third highest ranking Platinum, a user needs to have at least 550 BigONE Points. If the user has more than 550 points, the user will get upgraded to Diamond. The highest ranking in the hierarchy is Challenger, which requires 750 points. The higher the ranking, the more benefits a user can enjoy. Full