Huobi’s Ciara Sun on Growth of Institutional Markets & Huobi’s Push Westward – Finance Magnates

Much of the coverage in the cryptocurrency space over the past several months has focused on the effects of the coronavirus: companies adapting to new circumstances, the sudden upswing in fintech adoption and new crypto users, and predictions that economic turmoil could make crypto bigger than ever.

However, while the pandemic and all of its accompanying events have continued to rattle on throughout the world, certain aspects of the cryptocurrency industry have continued along the trajectory that they were already on before the coronavirus–albeit perhaps slowed, interrupted, or–in some cases–sped up.

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One of these is the entrance of institutional investors into the crypto space, and the accoutrement that has come with them: wider-spread regulation, an increase in trading tools and features, and much more liquidity in crypto markets.

Recently, Finance Magnates spoke with Ciara Sun, head of Huobi Group’s Global Business & Markets. Ciara talked about the state of the institutional cryptocurrency market, how the market is going to continue to change, and about Huobi’s place in the future of the market.

At Huobi, Ciara oversees the company’s global expansion across various business segments, including global institutional business, emerging markets, and more.

She is also highly experienced in financial analysis, strategic consulting, and corporate management, and has