Five Coinbase Alternatives Where You Can Trade 24/7 – Blockonomi

Coinbase has a problem. In fact it has several, including celebrity users disgruntled with its poor customer service and a scandal over its development of chain analysis software for US government agencies, both of which have occurred in the past month.

Regular users of the crypto brokerage and exchange have a more pressing concern, however: when they badly need to access their account, they can’t.

The San Francisco-headquartered exchange has gained a reputation for going offline during times of peak volatility. Just as volume is rocketing across global exchanges, Coinbase is nowhere to be seen.

Its latest outage occurred on June 1, just as bitcoin was soaring past $10k, and there was a similar incident in March when BTC plummeted during a series of cascading liquidations on the futures market.

For traders seeking a trading venue that can take the strain, here are five robust Coinbase alternatives.

1.  bitFlyer USA

bitFlyer USA is now doing in the States what its parent exchange has done in Japan: provided retail customers with a dependable platform for trading cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and LTC.

bitFlyer Homepage
bitFlyer Homepage

Licensed, and appropriately regulated to operate in numerous US states, bitFlyer enables traders to buy and sell digital currencies for US dollars safely, with low fees and latency. It’s reliable, too, with a trading engine that keeps ticking over, even when the markets turn choppy.